What To Know About Settlements In Rear-End Car Accidents

Rear-end car accidents are usually very simple cases to investigate. In most situations, the cause is driver error and the collision could have been avoided. However, in the event that something serious happens, like a truck hitting your car, you need help from experienced truck accident lawyers in Las Vegas NV. The same goes for every single situation in which you get injured.

The good news is that in most such accidents, it is not at all difficult to settle everything. A settlement is usually very simple to reach and you can receive compensation for injuries.

Unfortunately, truck and car accidents with rear-end collisions are pretty common. The NHTSA lists these for around 30$ of all the accidents and around 7% of accident deaths. Settlement amounts are always going to reflect medical bills and the other damages that appear. However, negotiating a very good settlement is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Common Causes Of Rear-End Collisions

In almost all cases, rear-end collisions appear due to driver error and could have been avoided. A driver can easily end up preoccupied or distracted. Then, he/she can lose track of what is happening and hit the car in front. Also, the driver hitting you usually does not maintain the required safe following distance. As this happens, the driver does not have time to react and will not brake in time.

Will The Settlement Be Higher With The Help Of A Personal Injury Lawyer?

You should never accept the very first deal offered by the insurance company. This is because it is so common for the accident victim to be given less than the real amount that would be warranted by law.

Remember that insurance companies always want to maximize profits. They do this by minimizing claims. Personal injury attorneys have the knowledge needed to negotiate reasonable settlements for the injuries you suffered. This means your claims will include financial aid for missing work, anticipating medical treatment, and medical bills, among others.

Medical Expenses

Personal injury claims always include covering medical expenses. However, negotiations get more and more complicated as you ask for more money. As an example, the claim might include demands for covering future medical expenses, suffering, pain, lost income, and even loss of life enjoyment.

Simply put, if your injuries are serious, you absolutely need to get help from experienced attorneys.

Pain And Suffering

Last but not least, when your claim includes asking for compensation for pain and suffering, it is mandatory that you get a lawyer by your side. This is because you need to prove that you went through a traumatic experience and you then need to convince the insurance company to give you a specific amount. The higher that amount, the more difficult it is to make a compelling case.

Overall, negotiating settlements even in simple rear-end collisions can be quite complex. This is why you need to make sure that you get someone in your corner that can help. There is nobody better than an experienced car accident lawyer.

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