Do You Need To Report Minor Vehicle Accidents?

Most car accidents are not serious. They are just fender benders and do not involve people getting injured. For instance, many of these happen inside parking lots. This is where cars back out and end up hitting other cars. Drivers misjudge stopping distance and then bump the car ahead of them.

While minor accidents do not cause injuries to passengers or drivers, they can still lead to minor property damage. We can see dented fenders, bumpers, scratches, and scrapes.

When such a situation happens, you naturally think about whether or not the accident should be reported to the authorities. You might also want to report the car to your insurance company. Mike Morse law firm tells you if you need to report the collision to the authorities or not. With the insurance firms, it is quite simple.

Reporting Minor Accidents To Law Enforcement

It is not easy to give you a straight answer to whether or not you should report the case to law enforcement because everything depends on the accident’s circumstances and particular facts. You should also think about the state where you live.

In most states, you have to report just car accidents that would involve an injury. In others, you need to report accidents even if just vehicle damages appeared. There are even states where you have to report the car accident when the damage goes over a specific amount, usually over $2,500.

When you are at the accident scene, it is really important to exchange vital contact information with the other parties involved. You also need to obtain insurance information from the other driver. Every single state does require drivers to make sure this exchange happens when an accident takes place.

In the event that the other driver is not cooperative or when you think that the other driver is not insured, it is time to call law enforcement. This will help you to get the protection that you need to be covered for the damages you suffered. Based on accident location, the agency you need to contact might be the county sheriff, highway patrol, or municipal police.

Keep in mind that even when the other driver does seem to be cooperative, it is possible that there will be a dispute about good faith in regards to accident cause. If you have the slightest feeling that this might happen, you need to contact the police. The investigating officer is going to record driver interviews and find witnesses. All of this will help you get the evidence you need to then be compensated for property damage.


When you are injured, regardless of how minor the injuries are, you absolutely need to contact the authorities. This is because the report the officers file will be very valuable in helping you get the personal insurance compensation you deserve. Also, remember that there are numerous injuries that are not apparent until a lot of time passes following your accident. As a result, every attorney out there will tell you to contact law enforcement no matter what if you were inside the car during the accident. 

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