Qualities of a Good Workers Compensation Lawyer

Most people are scared to be in a situation where they’re too injured to work. Though, they have every right to because without money they most likely won’t be able to pay their rent or feed themselves, or their families.

If you get hurt while on the job, and you aren’t getting compensation from your employer, you might want to consider hiring a workers’ compensation attorney.

A good workers’ comp lawyer will know how to get you what you rightfully deserve. If you’re interested, here are the top qualities you need to be looking for in one.

Reputable Public Image

When looking for an attorney to help you with your workers compensation, find one who’s trusted and who’s held in high regard by the public. Recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers can help you decide who to go with.

You can also communicate with legal aid offices or the local Bar association to find out more about the lawyer you’re considering. These institutions will give you unbiased data about the lawyer.

Experience Dealing with Workers’ Compensation

Pick an attorney that knows how to deal with these type of cases. You want a personal injury lawyer that has in-field experience. Attorneys that work in this space know how to file the claims efficiently and get the client what they rightfully deserve.

A lawyer who’s got an intimate focus on a certain part of the law will be more effective than the general practitioner.

Additionally, look for one who has experience handling the kind of injury you sustained, especially if it happens to be a unique one. An attorney that understands what you’re going through is in a better position to represent you against an insurance firm, and the like.

Proactiveness and Positivity

Most leading attorneys are both proactive and positive. You want one who’s going to put your interests first and work hard to safeguard them. If the lawyer you’re considering shows a lot of interest and has a great personality, you’re in the right place.

Attorneys who aren’t interested in what your case requires them to do won’t get you what you truly deserve. A proactive and positive mindset is vital when it comes to picking a lawyer in this space.


Look for lawyers who don’t have very high rates. There are so many to choose from and you don’t necessarily need to hire the most expensive one of them all to get what’s rightfully yours.

Some lawyers are well-known for taking advantage of clients. Try and ensure you don’t become another statistic. Get as much information as you can about how much such lawyers averagely cost and then hire accordingly.


An attorney that has the qualities highlighted above will get you the workers compensation you deserve. Why? Because they’ll turn an average workers comp lawyer into an outstanding one.

If you work in Philadelphia and got injured on the job, Munley Law can help fight for what’s rightfully yours. If you want access to genuine legal advice, then you’ll want to get highly refined, professional attorneys. Look no further.




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