Why Do I Need a Product Liability Lawyer for Defective Cochlear Implants?

Hiring a product liability lawyer may be extremely beneficial for someone who has had problems with a defective cochlear implant.  This is because a product liability lawyer specializes in prosecuting individuals and companies that have created a product which caused you or your family harm and they can defend you if you have been accused of creating a product that causes harm.  Obviously, in this case, it would be the first.

Why would I need a product liability lawyer for this?

Painful shocking sensations have been reported with cochlear implant recalls.  However, there are many other things that can go wrong with a defective cochlear implant, which is why it would be beneficial to contact a product liability lawyer.

  • Loss of communication and hearing
  • Social isolation
  • Balance issues
  • Frustration of periods of on and off functionality before the device fails entirely

Many of these defects can actually snowball and create worse effects.  It starts with loss of communication and hearing and that will lead to social isolation.  Social isolation can cause depression and anxiety.  This is not something you want to brush off, especially if the user is a child.

Additionally, balance issues could also lead to falls and hospital visits.  Hiring a product liability lawyer could potentially stop any injuries from occurring.  If they have already have occurred, you can prevent further damage from being done and have a much stronger case.

Time Limit

Even if you’ve already had a cochlear implant removed, you could still gain compensation with the help of a product liability lawyer.  The manufacturer of the defective device will have to perform a series of tests in order to determine the reason the device failed.  It is absolutely critical that you contact the product liability lawyer as soon as you can once this happens. It is important due to limited time to file after the device is removed due to applicable statutes of limitation.

If you are planning to hire a product liability lawyer, be sure to do your research in order to pick the right match for you.  It would also be extremely beneficial to be familiar with the 3 types of product liability claims.  Getting compensation for something as serious as a defective cochlear implant will require you to know what you are dealing with and you will have to be ready and prepared in a timely manner.

Author bio- Barbara Parson has been involved with personal injury and burn injury lawsuits for the past twelve years and wants to share her knowledge with others.

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