Make Your Dream of a Luxury Life Come True By Obtaining Malta Residency 

Malta has various residency schemes, which allow you to become a Maltese resident and gain lots of benefits. Individuals who meet all the requirements of these residency programs can become residents of the EU country and get the same for their families.

Besides taking care of tax in Malta residency requirements, you need to observe other criteria to become a Maltese resident and maintain the residency. It also involves retaining insurance for your entire family and having stable income resources.

Once you have applied for the Malta Residency program, it will be imperative to retain the qualifying property. Moreover, you must not stay outside of Malta for more than six months in a calendar year. As a non-EU national, you can also acquire Malta Residency by investing under Malta Residence & Visa Program and Global Residence Program.

Below are some benefits of acquiring Malta residency.

  • Make Your Second Home

Malta residency allows you to make your dream destination into a place, which you will always admire as your second home. It can also make you a vital part of the most attractive communities in Europe like Malta.

  • Education 

As a parent, you would always want to give your children the best education so that they can enjoy a better lifestyle in the future. Acquiring Maltese residency gives you the facility to enjoy free and quality education for your family.

  • Business Opportunities 

Acquiring a dual residency in a country like Malta can open new opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs. You can make the island your base for all your business operations and enjoy one of the most robust economies.

  • Freedom of Movement

Many people choose Maltese residency to enjoy the freedom of traveling around the EU nations, getting equal rights regardless of race or gender, and maximizing work opportunities in clean and safe environments.


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