The kinds of service you can expect from the trust and litigation lawyer

The overwhelming majority of Ukrainians mistakenly believe that the services of a lawyer in inheritance cases are necessary only for very wealthy people. After all, it is not at all difficult to contact a notary and submit an application yourself. But what will you do if:

Other heirs will try to bypass you;

  • You missed the deadline for submitting your application;
  • You need to prove your rights in court;
  • The notary has refused to issue the required document;
  • The document was issued, but executed with violations;
  • Other circumstances arose.

At a minimum, in such cases, you need legal advice by inheritance. As a maximum, legal protection should be taken care of in advance, because it is quite easy to dispute the inheritance through the court.

The current legislation states that there are two directions of inheritance: by will or without. However, the presence of the last will of the deceased (will) does not at all guarantee a peaceful resolution of the situation. Conflicts very often arise, for the solution of which the help of a lawyer by inheritance is needed.

A property dispute lawyer will help you to divide property correctly

Thousands of people and organizations every day enter into relationships that are governed by civil law. In this regard, disputes, misunderstandings, violations often arise that must be properly resolved.

A competent lawyer in inheritance disputes and civil law is needed in order to:

  • Resolve the conflict in a legal way. The civil, hereditary lawyer will correctly assess the prospects, provide for the outcome of the case and help make the right decision;
  • Study the maximum possible amount of legal information and correctly draw up any statement;
  • Minimize your financial costs, achieve material compensation.

Among the employees of the barr& young attorneysis Attorneys by inheritance with many years of experiences, who will do everything to resolve the situation peacefully. If the other party (parties) to the conflict do not agree with the proposals, the hereditary lawyer will prepare a package of documents and will represent the client’s interests in courts of any instance that can be seen at their website.

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